IRC, ICQ and Napster Proxies
Somebody releases IRC (Internet Relay Chat), ICQ and Napster proxies.

While being the most important cornerstone of the century, Internet can sometimes be very harmful and malevolent for both novice and expert users. There are always people with malicious intent present at each corner of the net. Being the most popular tools of interaction between people, IRC and ICQ also provide malicious people ways to exploit your system. The inherent design in them allows others to obtain your computer's IP address very easily. Once a person has your IP address, they can use various tools and programs to attack your computer. They can flood you, they can nuke you, they can implant trojans or backdoors on your computer, they can take over your computer. There are many programs on internet that even automates this entire process.

Let's face it. It must have happened to almost every one of us at least once: Got nuked, got disconnected, had to reboot our computer, got our hard drive messed up, had our cdrom tray opening and closing, had strangers giving us messages inside our own computer, had people threatening us, had people scaring us, had important files disappearing, had our personal mails distributed to others, had things done with our computer without our consent. Well, this is a common scenario for many.

Fortunately, no more! By using our IRC and ICQ proxy servers, no one will be able to obtain your IP address and damage you through IRC or ICQ again. They can only see our IP address and they can never figure out your real IP address. If they are trying to hack you, they are in reality trying to hack our server! No worries, we can handle that while you are on the safe side. Besides, why not to have your ip show a cool in IRC or in ICQ!

Few people reported they are unable to use Napster with their local ISP's. Napster is a proprietary program which allows users to exchange mp3 files between them. They can use our Napster proxy.


Net2Phone, PC2Phone, Vocaltec, Dialpad and Internet Telephony Proxies
Somebody releases Net2Phone, PC2Phone, Vocaltec, Dialpad and Internet Telephony proxies.

Many ISPs and telcos block access to Internet Telephony products in order not to lose their revenues from the exorbitant prices they charge for international calls.

Our Internet Telephony proxies address this need. All Internet Telephony products are supported.


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