For those mentally-disabled out there, we know that http (Hyper Text Transport Protocol) is a stateless protocol. Simply this means that a person can try unlimited username/password combinations on a small box that pops up when you access a restricted page or directory without triggering any password abuse mechanisms. Therefore, we don't allow our members to choose passwords same as their usernames. We might also implement a simple submit button so you elite hackers cannot run wwwhack programs on members area. But what is the point? There is no use trying to hit our members page thousands times to crack a username. You are unnecessarily wasting our precious bandwidth resources. Go do somethings better with your time.

Besides those who have tried this already know that we are not your next-door neighbor's kid trying to set up a web site in his spare time instead of fiddling with the girls in the schoolyard (female users please don't get offended with the analogy in the previous sentence) ! They have been banned from accessing any of our resources the very day but restricting access by banning presents a far greater danger for us since it is totally against our beliefs and fight for censorship. We believe the information on internet should be free to all according to their choices without any policing from outside forces. Thus, access to all users from internet addresses , ,, and a list of others have been restored.

We also take this opportunity to announce the most useless internet users on internet according to our criteria:

.de Germany
.se Sweden

Further abuse or abuse attempts from any of these countries will force us to ban these countries altogether. Yes, we are not talking about ISPs here, we are talking about countries. Sorry folks, wet burns with the dry. We like you not any more than you like us!

We apologize if we have caused any inconvenience to anyone.



If your website is being abused by one of our users, please request us to disallow access to your site from our resources.  We would promptly prevent future abuse and notify our users of your request by e-mail. In order to implement this, you have to present us any logs etc in order to prove the sincerity of your request. Your site would be mentioned on our web site not accepting connetion from us.

As of this writing, there is not any site with such a request.



Due to the great amount of resources they use up, our server does not produce any logs except the user's browser and username. This is just to check password abuse. Simply we just don't know who you are or where you are connecting to us from. You are responsible for your own actions.

If you are representing a government body and you would require us to log other information as well with a court subpoena, due to abuse etc, we would do so after examining the circumstances. Note that we are originally not US based, therefore a US court order might not carry any effect in our country. But we aim to please everyone, so we would cooperate. If such a case happens, our users would be notified by e-mail and and it would be mentioned here on our web site before any changes to the log formats.

As of this writing, there is no changes to the log format.



Memberships obtained from us are for your own personal use. Username sharing is absolutely forbidden. Any members found to be engaging in username distribution would be disabled without a notice (well, actually, being polite, we send a notice!) and no refund would be made. You are free to use your username from as many computers, places, ip numbers at as many times as you want. There are no limitations. But if someone else is using your username, we would know!


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