We offer plenty of benefits and very attractive pricing schemes for our resellers in order to keep them on the cutting edge. If you are interested in marketing our services, please contact us and we will arrange a plan specific to your marketing needs and targets. You can be sure that your efforts would be backed by very responsive and helpful support and customer care staff. 

Why would anyone need to subscribe to us through resellers? Because, in our sign up page, we clearly state that anyone who signs up through our resellers will get an extra month free semi-annually. Therefore you can be sure that your clients will type in your reseller id to get this discount.

Resellers will also be automatically added to our beta tests for new products and services.

Please note that SPAM is not welcome in somebody and is explicitly forbidden to use as a marketing tool for resellers. Any reseller found to be engaging in such activities will be terminated without notice.

Contact us at for more details.


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