Here are some of the features we will be incorporating to Somebody Version 5.0 :

URL Rewriting Support (
Many members asked us to offer URL rewriting option without configuring their browsers. An example of URL rewriting would be to access through our proxy servers. Since URL rewriting is being done on every request, this has huge performance penalties and it increases access times and latency greatly. Therefore we chose not to offer this with our current proxy servers. But we also do understand that there are great many users behind corporate firewalls or in internet cafes and they are unable to configure their browsers. We are looking for the best way to implement this with our existing setup and we will offer it in our next release. Drop us a note if you urgently need this feature.

STATUS: Internal Beta . Open.


Trojan - Backdoor - Virus Protection
We will scan files downloaded through us against viruses, backdoor and trojan programs. In our current tests, this is being successfully implemented and members are being protected against harmful programs. However, the latency and access times pose a major threat to normal browsing again. It is measured that access times increase as much as twice sometimes. We are unlikely to implement this feature but do drop us a note if you prefer delay in access times against internet threats.

STATUS: Internal Beta . Open.

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