You will need to configure your browser before you can use our services. Configuration for common browsers is illustrated below:

Netscape Navigator 4
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5

NOTE: Do not forget to type our host address and port the exact way we are writing. Copy and Paste constitutes the majority of user problems. When you are doing Copy & Paste, make sure there is no additional whitespace before or after the host name or port number. If you try to reload and get no response from your browser, this is the problem. In that case, just delete all the boxes you have populated before and fill them up manually making sure there is no space before, after or in between host name or port number.

If you have any other browser, the procedure is similar to the Netscape Navigator example above. Netscape Navigator 2.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0 and below does not support proxies. If you are using any of them, it is about time you upgraded.

Manual Configuration as outlined on the links above works for everyone. But for some lucky people, the simplest way to configure their browser for our services is to use Automatic Proxy Configuration. Click here. Most of the time this will suffice to get your settings right and automatically configure your browser requiring no other action from your part. If for some reason this does not work, try manual configuration as illustrated above with screenshots for your browser.

IRC, ICQ, Napster, Net2Phone, PC2Phone, Internet Telephony and other program configurations are not shown here. They are available on our members' section. If HTTP proxy for web browsing works for you, all other services offered by us would work fine as well.

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